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Hit Detection is a video game consulting firm with a global presence. We bring decades of experience in games media, consumer electronics, and interactive entertainment to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate insights to clients who have trusted us for many years. Among the esteemed clientele that we are able to publicly reveal, we have provided services to the likes of Bloober Team, Remedy, and Sega.


Our commitment to building a team from a variety of backgrounds—including underrepresented groups—is a superpower that allows us to provide unique and varied perspectives, setting us apart from other firms. This diversity is a strength that fortifies our insights and gives us a natural advantage within the consulting landscape.


Hit Detection's current consultants boast impressive resumes, having worked with world-renowned media outlets and institutions. These include Riot Games, Blizzard, EA, Obsidian, Eurogamer, CNET, The Verge, Polygon, GameSpot, Edge, GamesRadar, Wired, and IGN. Former consultants from our ranks have gone on to join prestigious companies such as PlayStation, Larian Studios, Xbox, EA, and Level Infinite/Tencent.


Hit Detection leverages its greatest strengths to accurately predict media and consumer expectations at every stage of the development process, from ideation and pre-production to alpha and launch. We ensure that your games resonate authentically with your players.


At Hit Detection, we guide your journey from concept to launch and beyond. Our deep understanding of consumer, developer, and media expectations ensures that your products, services, and games resonate with their target audiences. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Big Picture Analysis: We weigh in on early features and zoom out to see the broader landscape, identifying trends and opportunities.

  • SWOT Analysis: Our strategic assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  • Build Comparison Analysis: We offer follow up evaluations with a check-up for titles-in-progress.

  • Sensitive Issues Assessment: Our team assesses the risk factors for depictions of character from underrepresented groups, themes, and potential community reactions.

  • Media Training: Our experts coach you to shine in interviews and presentations.

  • Sales Forecasting: We offer data-driven predictions as an external check on our clients' internal projections.

  • Mock Reviews: We help our partners assess how near-final titles will fare in today's critical landscape.

  • Greenlight Evaluations: We provide turnkey services to help our partners make decisions on publishing titles.

  • Competitive Analysis: We can explore the genre landscape to help shape our clients' decision-making.

  • Post-Launch Research: We can deliver postmortems that surface the factors behind a title's successes and shortcomings.

Our services cater to a wide spectrum, from indie studios to AAA titles. Whether you’re at the concept stage, in alpha, or seeking post-launch support, we’re here to tailor our expertise to your bespoke needs.


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